The aeternity foundation focuses on visionaries, developers, and dreamers aiming to revolutionize the world of blockchain.


Our mission is to support the ongoing development of the æternity protocol through open-source collaboration, aiming to contribute to the evolution & reliability of blockchain technology


Our vision is to significantly contribute to the growth of blockchain ecosystems by promoting the creation of applications globally recognized for their user-centric design & technical excellence


The Aeternity Foundation Grants Program provides milestone-based funding to support initiatives aimed at decentralizing, growing, and securing the Aeternity network.


Our values are not just statements; they are the guiding stars that shape our actions, our innovations, and our collaborations.

Dedicated to Blockchain Innovation:

We’re focused on constantly exploring and developing new ideas in blockchain technology, ensuring we always lead the way in the industry

Open Source Development: 

We are committed to continually enhancing the Aeternity blockchain. This is achieved through active open-source contributions and collaborative efforts.

Educational Initiatives:

We’re dedicated to spreading knowledge about blockchain technology’s advantages and opportunities, both to the public and aspiring developers.

Community Support: 

We’re committed to nurturing the blockchain community, offering resources, expert guidance, and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Encouraging Worldwide Teamwork:

We are dedicated to creating a worldwide network for blockchain technology, achieved through building partnerships, collaborating across borders, and initiating inclusive projects.

Guaranteeing Security and Stability:

We promise to uphold the utmost levels of security and provide a stable environment in the Aeternity blockchain.


Our primary goal is to advance the technical development of the æternity open-source protocol.

Additionally, we are dedicated to fostering the growth of the æternity ecosystems

Open source development

Empowering Innovation: At the Heart of ACF’s Mission is the Drive to Boost Open Source Development.

Research and Education

Fueling the Future: AF passionately champions groundbreaking research and empowers minds through cutting-edge education in blockchain technology, cryptography, and mathematics.

Community growth

Empowering Communities, Igniting Change: ACF thrives on community-driven initiatives like the dynamic æmbassador program and the innovation hub Unleash the power of collaboration with us!

Culture and Art

Elevating Creativity: Experience the vibrant support for artistic endeavors, exemplified by the groundbreaking YAIR art project at Join us in nurturing the boundless possibilities of creative expression

Key development pillars

  • Protocol Maintenance 80% 80%
  • Protocol Development 80% 80%
  • SDKs 60% 60%
  • Wallets and Interfaces 30% 30%
  • æpps and Integrations 15% 15%
  • Middleware Backend API 15% 15%
  • Dev-Tools 15% 15%




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